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All Surreal Speakers come with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Look at our
newest speaker!
We will be debuting the beautiful Baltic Birch Finish
This Weekend July 26-28th!

Come see us this upcoming weekend at Capital Audiofest. The 2013 CAF is located in down
Spring, MD just walking distance from Washington DC and the Metro Rail. Surreal Sound Audio will be showing with some other great products in the Hickory Room at the Sheraton Silver Spring Hotel. Friday the 26th -Sunday the 28th.

Fifth Row Speakers are receiving
rave reviews from 
Part-Time Audiophile
several other reviewers. 
Read excerpts on
page of our web site.

Our newest product is amazing audiophiles EVERYWHERE.
We are selling them as fast as we can  make them!

Introducing the MORPH power conditioner cord.

  We have sold countless cords because they truly MORPH your system to another level.  One of our customer's said " This is a no-brainier, this cord transforms your mediocre system into magic. If your system is already magic, it kicks it up to nirvana!"

This is the most cost effective improvement for your system without spending thousands of dollars. For less than $700 you can get a power conditioner that transforms your system.

Many cords are simply snake oil, hoping their high price and fancy cosmetics will make you think they are doing something special.  We have decided to make an incredible product and keep it at a reasonable price so that all audiophiles can boost their system.

Several people who purchased the cords told us that we could sell them for much more.. We know times are tough and we wanted to make an audio solution that was both affordable and gave you huge bang for your buck.  THE MORPH CORD!

Try it for 30 days, and if it doesn't absolutely transform your system we will send you a full refund.
(By the one has send one back yet.  Most people have wanted a second or third cord). 

There's no need to upgrade your equipment until you try this cord. Call or email today to get your cord. Don't wait any longer to experience the transformation the MORPH CORD can make in your system.!!  We can make them to custom lengths to fit your system. 


Capital Audio Fest 2012

"Newcomer, Surreal Sound loudspeakers was leading a room full of lightning fast components that produced one of the most coherent sounds of the show."
AVShowrooms CAF 2012

"... talk about your punch-in-the-gut bass. Wow. WOW. Holy-cow!"

See REVIEW page for full reviews!

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Surreal (se'reel) adj: Resembling
a dream, unbelievable, fantastic.

The name says it all! Finally there is truly a speaker that makes the music come alive in your home. The  Surreal Speaker is so heavenly you will think you are dreaming.

Check us out to see why the Surreal Sound has taken high-end audio to a whole new level.

Email at

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

 Available in customizable finishes. Shown above, piano finish black. To left is Batic Birch.

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